MTB Cycle Skills Courses & Guided Rides in the New Forest, Purbecks and Isle of Wight


1. Participant Details and Requirements

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Riding level:

  1. New to mountain biking or, you venture off road infrequently, usually on well defined tracks. 10 /12 miles off road would be a challenge but within your capability.
  2. Used to riding off road sometimes venturing onto narrow tracks, you can get over small (100mm) obstacles and ascend and descend fairly steep terrain but find it hard work. 15 miles off road would be comfortable.
  3. A regular off road rider at least twice a week, you have ridden at trail centers, your normal riding would include single track and extended uphill climbs with technical challenges. Smooth flowing style, 30 miles are the norm, all day 50 mile rides within your capability.

Each person participating on the Ride / Course will be required to fill in a Personal Details form that asks detailed health questions before setting off

2. Dates & Course Details

Booking will be confirmed based on Guide / Instructor availability.

The price of the ride is based on the number of people you are booking in today.

The start of the ride / course commences with a rider induction and pre-ride briefing. This will amongst other things entail equipment and safety checks together with a brief riding competency check.

3. Equipment & Weather

Please ensure you have the following with you for the mountain bike ride, some of which can be hired or purchased from the Leader:

  • Helmet - compulsory
  • Puncture repair outfit
  • Gloves & Eyewear
  • A full drinking water bottle
  • Wet weather protection
  • Pump
  • Snack or lunch
  • Good robust footwear
  • Phone

The Mountain Bike Leader will asses weather conditions before the ride commences. If it is deemed to be unsafe then the ride will be postponed or cancelled.

It is your responsibility to provide a suitable cycle for the journey. You will have ensured it is safe and trail worthy. Cycle Guides UK take no responsibility for the trail worthiness of cycles.