MTB Cycle Skills Courses & Guided Rides in the New Forest, Purbecks and Isle of Wight

Guided Cycle Tours & Riding Skills Lessons

  • Guided Rides
  • Exploring our environment safely and in keeping with local byelaws. Less time map reading and more time enjoying the journey. Monopolizing on the guides local knowledge to see the things that the masses miss at a pace and time to suit you.
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  • Core Riding Skills
  • Whether you are just getting started in your off road riding or are an expert, the Core Riding Skills remain the same. Nail these and it sets the foundation for all your riding.
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  • Intermediate Riding Skills
  • Building upon the Core Skills we now add elements to help you ride with more style and fluid movement. We focus on properly organizing your movements and adding consistency and versatility. This will build your confidence in tackling more challenging terrain and small obstacles. We then add techniques to make it easier to cover longer distances, steeper ascents & descents, switchbacks, cambers & berms.
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  • Hard-core Riding Skills
  • Entering this module you are already demonstrating consistency and versatility in your movements but you are now looking to hone the finer points of managing pace, line, terrain and control. We are searching for steep ascents & descents, cambers, berms and drop offs ridden in a smooth flowing and effortless style. It’s Hard-core because you want to stretch yourself and extend your riding capabilities.
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  • Leading & Teaching Skills
  • You may be already leading people out on rides, teaching your friends or children and want to put some structure to this leading & teaching. You may be thinking of embarking on a cycling qualification or even a career in cycling. We can help. First we look at you in this environment. Then we provide focused development for you under a structured framework of training by module. Elements like Navigation, Preparation, Leading groups, Instructing others riding skills, Physical performance management, Trailside Maintenance, Managing emergencies are all available.
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  • Bike Set-up
  • Cycle fitting can be a science, however there are fundamental basics that, if you get them right, get you into a more effective and efficient cycling position that works for you. Because you are unique.
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