MTB Cycle Skills Courses & Guided Rides in the New Forest, Purbecks and Isle of Wight

Core Cycling Skills

All of our skills courses fit around a structured teaching methodology that enables us to benchmark your performance against specific elements. This provides clarity in terms of where you are now and what we need to do to progress. We call this the Performance Profile.

Our aim is to first give you an awareness of a specific element, and then with training, the aim is to becoming smooth flowing and effortless in each element. There are 6 stages to achieving this for each element.

Take Riding Ability for example: Here we look at the Core Elements (and their sub elements) within Riding Ability:

  1. Control (Gears, Braking, Balance, Speed, Cadence)
  2. Steering (........)
  3. Body Management (.........)
  4. Adjustments (............)

We then focus on developing these skills under different Terrain Circumstances A. - E:

A.Flat Terrain
Smooth/Wide Rough/Loose/Narrow
B.Descending Shallow Steep/Twisting
C.Ascending Shallow Steep/Twisting
D.Cornering Open Switchback/Cambered/Berms
E.Obstacles Ruts 100mm Ditches/Steps/Drop Offs/Gaps

From Core Skills to Hard-Core the same Performance Profiling principles apply.
As you develop towards Hard-Core so do the Core Elements and the Terrain Circumstances.

Core Skills entry requirement

New to mountain biking or, you venture off road infrequently, usually on well defined tracks.

10 /12 miles off road would be a challenge but within your capability.

Steeper terrain and negotiating narrow tracks would be challenging for you.

Here we develop the core skills on easier terrain circumstances. Once mastered, we move on to Intermediate Skills.