MTB Cycle Skills Courses & Guided Rides in the New Forest, Purbecks and Isle of Wight

The New Forest Mountain Biking

Fact file of the New Forest cycling area

  • The New Forest covers approximately 219 square miles of which the Forestry Commission manages 47% of the area.
  • Within its boundaries there are 6500 grazing animals.
  • Its highest point can be found at Telegraph hill 167 metres 548ft above sea level.
  • It is both the smallest National Park in England and the most densely populated 34,000 people.
  • It receives approximately 3 million holiday makers per year. 193 miles of rights of way and 100 miles of marked cycleway.
  • Ponies have right of way over vehicles on New Forest roads
  • More than 100 animals are killed or injured each year in road traffic accidents, most during the hours of darkness
  • William the Conqueror first made the New Forest his royal hunting ground in about 1079. He called it Nova Foresta.

The New Forest offers relatively flat terrain when compared to Wales and Scotland however it still offers moderately challenging sections of terrain if you know where to look. 

It gives the experts a chance to clock up some serious mileage or the novices & families the opportunity to discover proper off road cycling. Its a perfect environment to develop your leading, navigation and teaching skills that is accessible via excellent road and rail networks

All of our routes in the New Forest are vetted by the Forestry Commission. We hold a permit to operate ensuring we operate within the requirements of the Commission and help them ensure our habitat is there for generations to come.