MTB Cycle Skills Courses & Guided Rides in the New Forest, Purbecks and Isle of Wight

Hard-core Cycling Skills

Entering this module you are already demonstrating consistency and versatility in your movements. Now we are looking at making the movements flow effortlessly. focus on finer points to hone the skills but in more challenging terrain and pace.

Line, terrain and control are the focus. We are searching for steep ascents & descents, cambers, berms and drop offs ridden in a smooth flowing and effortless style.

Precision is key, look for the Core Skill element that becomes shaky under pressure, unpick the element, re-build it with you and practice to perfect.

Remember it’s Hard-core because you want to stretch yourself and extend your riding capabilities.

Hard-Core Skills entry requirement

A regular off road rider at least twice a week, you have ridden at trail centers, possibly entering XC races when time permits.

Your normal riding would include single track and extended uphill climbs with technical challenges on route.

Smooth flowing style, 30 miles are the norm, all day 50 mile rides within your capability.