MTB Cycle Skills Courses & Guided Rides in the New Forest, Purbecks and Isle of Wight

Intermediate Cycling Skills

Building upon the Core Skills you should be attaining a level 4 in all Core Skill elements.

We now add exercises to help you ride with more style and fluid movement. Getting you to work with your bike and the terrain. Exploring a range of movement, working on identifying upcoming terrain as you ride and interpreting that terrain to movements you need to make to pass over it efficiently.

We focus on properly organized movements and look for consistency and versatility.

All of this will build your confidence in tackling more challenging terrain and small obstacles.

We look at techniques to make it easier to cover longer distances, monitoring practices and, provide clarity of when to apply effort and when to conserve energy.

Most riders at this stage of development become anxious approaching steeper ascents & descents. You probably do two or three of these in your whole ride. We stay there for a while breakdown the climb or decent into stages to help you focus and realize what should be happening.

Trackstands and Line selection start to become more important the more difficult the terrain and faster you go. We help you make the right choice by turning on your terrain radar!

Switchbacks, Cambers & Berms can also be anxious moments, we provide you with opportunities to practice on appropriate terrain along with techniques and feedback to improve your riding.

Getting over obstacles using Bunny hops, lifting front or back wheel are also covered

Intermediate Skills entry requirement

Used to riding off road sometimes venturing onto narrow tracks, you can get over small (100mm) obstacles and ascend and descend fairly steep terrain but find it hard work.

20 miles off road would be comfortable.

You may have ridden at Trail centers Afan for example, or even entered XC races.